LifeStyle Management

There are several components that make up our daily lives (i.e. sleep, nutrition, family, exercise, hobbies, work, etc.). Often hectic or busy schedules make it challenging to maintain that elusive healthy balance everyone talks about. Balance is a tricky thing that takes continual adjustment to achieve or more importantly, to maintain. Family, work, nutrition, exercise, the list can and does go on for miles. So, when you’re thinking about your lifestyle which components fall by the wayside first?

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Questions To Consider Before Starting An Exercise Program

This has become too complicated of a question and a plethora of exercise training programs are out there. Circut Training, Weightlifing, Running, Cycling, Boxing, Zumba, CrossFit, Yoga, etc. You name it, it exists. It can be hard to navigate understanding which type of exercise is right for you or what you might be interested in doing. So start by asking yourself a few questions…

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