In the Beginning…

For over 20 years FITLIFE has been serving the Valley of the Sun. FITLIFE was founded to bridge the gap between medicine, athletic training, strength and conditioning, personal training, and fitness. John Neel and Dan Wright were two athletic trainers who saw the need for a personalized fitness business that incorporated the knowledge of the health care professional into a small comfortable environment where Continue reading “In the Beginning…”

Athletic Training Services

Hands on athletic training treatment

The services that an athletic trainer can provide is quite diverse. As previously discussed athletic trainers are an integral part of a healthcare team. Dependent upon their educational background many ATs are qualified to provide a number of differing services. Not every clinician is the same, so learn what they can do for you and seek out who has the skills to get you to where you want to be. Some of the Manual Therapy Techniques & Injury Prevention Services our staff Athletic Trainers provide regularly include:

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