Take Your Game to the Next Level!

For the individual athlete or the entire team, our application begins with a comprehensive Athletic Evaluation with the goal of improving:

  • Overall strength
  • Conditioning
  • Performance
  • Athleticism

Workouts are designed with information from the evaluation, goals of the athlete, level of competition, sport, and position.  These sessions, lasting over 1 hour, will challenge and improve performance.

Our proven trademarked P.A.S.S.S. program is designed to improve Power, Agility, Strength, Speed, and Stability.  Injury prevention, increased flexibility, and nutrition are also part of the fundamental objectives of this program.

Our professional staff including Athletic Trainers and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists have the highest level of academic accreditation, are nationally certified, and state licensed in directing and supervising the training of individuals or teams.

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