Fitlife catches up with Senior Xavier Volleyball player Lanie Wagner

Today I spent some time with an outstanding high school athlete, volleyball player Lanie Wagner of Xavier College Prepatory. Lanie started working with us at FITLIFE Health Systems in our Functional Training Program in December of 2015 and has continued to train in our P.A.S.S.S program when her schedule allows. Volleyball players, like most high school athletes, have very little down time due to the commitment of playing both high school and club.  The demand on their bodies is great. In order to keep playing at a high level, taking care of their bodies is a must.

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Fitlife visits with long time client Alec Souder.

John Neel with Alec Souder

Today a very special client came in for a workout and as always worked hard, smiled and talked sports. Alec Souder has been coming into Fitlife for the last 5 years and has won the affection of staff and members alike. His parent, Anne and Jay, along with his grandfather Dick are all members here and have been some Fitlife Health Systems biggest supporters.  We are going to return the favor by getting involved with the Fragile X Foundation. Continue reading “Fitlife visits with long time client Alec Souder.”

Exercise Technique: Static and Dynamic Core Tramp Toss

There is a myriad of core exercises out there today. The main goal of any core exercise is to challenge your trunk strength in a variety of positions. Each person will have a different breaking point. Today’s exercise technique is not for everyone right off the bat, but it is something that everyone should be able to build up to, given enough practice.

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NATM: Compassionate Care for All

National Athletic Training Month Compassionate Care for All March 2018

As National Athletic Training Month winds down this week, we hope you’ve enjoyed catching a glimpse into the life and history of a few of the ATs that have helped make FITLIFE great. FITLIFE is proud to be an Athletic Trainer owned and operated business for over 20 years. Throughout this time the profession has advanced greatly and will continue to do so. We are excited to see where things lead and will continue to work hard to help pioneer the way. Today, the National Athletic Trainers Associate released a new video highlighting the atheltic training manifesto that our Athletic Trainers uphold everyday. It is who we are. Check it out…

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