VeryWellFit: Breaded and Baked Homemade Chicken Nuggets

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WELLNESS WEDNESDAY – A healthier twist on chicken nuggets guaranteed to fool the kids!! Try this awesome recipe replacing the frying pan with the oven! With 20 minutes of prep time and 20 minutes of baking time this simple meal is a home-run for a weekday meal! Check it out!! Continue reading “VeryWellFit: Breaded and Baked Homemade Chicken Nuggets”


Catching up with Craig Alderson
Craig Alderson and John Neel

Today while playing golf in the Arizona sun I had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend, Craig Alderson. I met Craig in 2009 when he became an intern with us that allowed him to complete his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University.  Craig was an instant hit with both clients  Continue reading “TODAY I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO VISIT WITH AN OLD FRIEND, CRAIG ALDERSON.”


Fitlife Visits with Future Winthrop College Volleyball player Lily Leistiko
Lily Leistiko and John Neel

Today I visited with volleyball player Lily Leistiko, who has been training with us the past four years. Lily is recent Desert Mountain High School graduate who’s successful high school career included both academic and athletic accomplishments. Continue reading “FITLIFE VISITS WITH LILY LEISTIKO, FUTURE WINTHROP UNIVERSITY VOLLEYBALL PLAYER!”

Fitlife catches up with Senior Xavier Volleyball player Lanie Wagner

Today I spent some time with an outstanding high school athlete, volleyball player Lanie Wagner of Xavier College Prepatory. Lanie started working with us at FITLIFE Health Systems in our Functional Training Program in December of 2015 and has continued to train in our P.A.S.S.S program when her schedule allows. Volleyball players, like most high school athletes, have very little down time due to the commitment of playing both high school and club.  The demand on their bodies is great. In order to keep playing at a high level, taking care of their bodies is a must.

Continue reading “Fitlife catches up with Senior Xavier Volleyball player Lanie Wagner”

Fitlife visits with long time client Alec Souder.

John Neel with Alec Souder

Today a very special client came in for a workout and as always worked hard, smiled and talked sports. Alec Souder has been coming into Fitlife for the last 5 years and has won the affection of staff and members alike. His parent, Anne and Jay, along with his grandfather Dick are all members here and have been some Fitlife Health Systems biggest supporters.  We are going to return the favor by getting involved with the Fragile X Foundation. Continue reading “Fitlife visits with long time client Alec Souder.”