How to Know Your Movement Deficits

Woman growling running

I’d say it’s safe to say that movement is pretty important to human beings. It allows us to get up a going throughout our day. To talk. To eat. Have great adventures, try new things, and interact with those around us. To live. Much of our movement as humans are so unique and are key components of what separates us from all other living things. But, what happens as we start to lose our movement capabilities? We Continue reading “How to Know Your Movement Deficits”

Fighting Off Illness for Improved Results

A man mid sneeze

It’s that time of year again. The flu has definitely been hitting the Valley pretty hard this season. Everyone seems to be getting sick. After all, getting sick is a normal part of life, right? Remember it’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen, it’s a matter of when. But, how often do you hear about professional athletes getting sick? Think about it… Pro athletes are continuously interviewed and on screen, pre- and post-games. We may see they are “under the weather” by the way they look or sound, but is that typically the center of conversation in their interview? Simply put, Continue reading “Fighting Off Illness for Improved Results”

The Dreaded New Year’s Resolutions

New Years 2018 Sparkler

It’s that time of year again. Have you already made one? How do you make the most of those New Year resolutions? Do you just skip the whole process or do you make grand plans that last a few weeks or maybe a few months before fizzling out? The time to make New Year’s resolutions that you have the fullest intention of keeping all year long, but always seem to end sooner than expected. If we’re being honest it’s much easier to wish about improving yourself than to actually follow through and do it. Today we’re going to explore some ways to combat the two most common resolution fails.

Continue reading “The Dreaded New Year’s Resolutions”