Balloon Breathing

Last week we explored the differences between diaphragmatic and apical breathing. At the end, I talked about a simple way to determine which type of breather you are. Today we’re going to take it a step further. Regardless of which type of breather you found yourself to be, these 7 steps are a quick and great way to easily get your diaphragm either working again or working better.

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Are You Breathing Correctly?

Over the past several years, breathing has gained a lot of focus in the rehabilitation and health & wellness industries. How do you breathe? Shallow? Quick? Deep? Slow? There are a myriad of ways people breathe and, as such, multiple breathing patterns and names exist for each type. Today we’re going to highlight probably the two most common breathing patterns, how they differ, and how to quickly find out which type you’re doing.

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Get Fit For The Holidays

Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is only 1 month away and Christmas is only 2 months away. Not sure where time has flown. As always the holidays are a time full of family, friends and, of course, FOOD. It’s easy to overeat throughout this time of year or binge eat on all those holiday goodies. So, help combat this early by adding some regular exercise to your life now! We can help you hedge off those extra pounds and look good for that family you haven’t seen in a year. There is no better time to start your LifeStyle Management plan AND the first week is on us! Click on this link for our gift certificate and contact info.

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We Want To Hear From You

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If you haven’t already, check out FITLIFE’s blog Live. All in.™  Every week we are working to cover a wide range of health, wellness, activity and medically related topics. We’ve got a ton of ideas queued up for the future, but we’d like to know what you’d like to hear, read and learn about. Leave us a comment on our blog and we will make sure to get those topics covered in the future!

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PNF Stretching Techniques

Krista Hixson PNF Stretching Hamstring

PNF stands for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, but what does that mean? Proprioception is basically our body’s awareness of where it is in space. We know where we are thanks to our nervous system, specifically our neuromuscular system. So, this technique is all about how you can manipulate the nerve’s signal to your brain to affect your muscles response.

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