Creating Context In Your Workout

Context is very hard to develop, but over time it breads familiarity. It is the why behind why we do things. Without context in your workout, those goals you set week one will not be achieved. So, how do you breed context into your routine?

It all starts with building a strong foundation. Your routine should first and foremost relate to the goals you set. If you are an athlete, what sport do you play, what position, what level, etc. If general health and wellness is your goal, what does that look like? Do you want to lose weight, gain mass and strength, tone up? These are all important questions that should be considered by you and your trainer before starting a program. For more information on program types check out these posts:

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Once you have a solid foundation for what you want in your program everything should stem from there.

The next important thing is to know how you’re feeling. How are things going at home? Work? How are you eating? Mentally check in on these things each and every day. Also, know where you’re at physically. Check in with yourself before each workout. Did you get a good night sleep? Do you feel recovered from your last workout? Sometimes you will definitely have to push yourself, but there will also be times where you need to realize you might need to rest a little and take a step back. This skill is not easily mastered, but with practice you will begin to know the difference between mental and physical fatigue. As you continue to progress towards your goal, your mental game will likewise progress and develop.

At this point working out will become more and more familiar to you mentally and physically. Familiarity should not be confused with complacency or stagnancy though. Exercises need to be varied and designed to push you. You should not be doing the exact same weight, the exact same exercises, or the exact same routine you were doing even a month ago. If progression is done correctly, exercises will be increased appropriately and in such a way that breads difficulty and challenge, while still being familiar. This is where your trainer can really come in handy. If you work together you will reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible.

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