Did You Know? Heart Health Quizzes

Blood pressure cuff, pill box

Can you recognize a heart attack? Stroke? Do you know your blood pressure IQ? What about your cholesterol IQ? How’s your diabetes knowledge? How much do you understand medication? Did you know that all of these things are related to heart health? These are all good questions. Since February is Heart Health Month we are continuing our heart health awareness with some fun, informative and interactive quizzes directly from the American Heart Association.

We challenge you to take one, two or hopefully all of them to check your knowledge of each of these topics. We know you’ll learn something new. Our only ask is that you’d pass this information along so someone you know as everyone around you has a “ticker” to take care of. Click on the link to access the quizzes: Healthy Health Quizzes


  1. American Heart Association. Healthy Heart Quizzes.

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