Exercise Equipment: TRX

Have you seen one of these? If you’re a FITLIFE client you definitely have, because suspension training is a great way to establish holistic strength, mobility and dynamic control. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about check out today’s post.

TRX Trainer

A Suspension Trainer is an awesome tool for any athletic training or sport conditioning facility to have. There are several on the market, so check out which one is right for you. (Please note: FITLIFE does not endorse any particular strap based trainer like TRX or other brand). There are countless activities and exercises that can be performed with the TRX Suspension Trainer. You can literally train every aspect of the body with this simple tool. In the future, we will explore some of these techniques in more detail.

Holistic Strength

When performed correctly suspension training forces the whole body to become involved in every exercise. It is a great way to work on creating tension throughout the body while moving through a set range of motion or exercise.


Suspension trainers are very helpful tools when trying to increase your range of motion and overall mobility. So many mobility based exercises can be performed with the aid of the trainer that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible for many to do without assistance. For example, the deep squat is very challenging for many individuals, but with the aid of the suspension trainer you can slowly progress in depth and assistance levels making this activity much more achievable.

Dynamic Control

Suspension based exercises require a high level of body awareness to maintain the correct exercise technique. What this means is that balance and your body’s awareness of it’s positioning become very important to correctly performing suspension training exercises.

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