Exercise Technique: TRX Y, T, A

Are you a volleyball player or other overhead athlete? Do you have a desk job or are you hunched over a computer for a good chunk of your day? The TRX Y, T, A exercise will help you counteract the forward shoulder position these activities or tasks create. This is a great exercise for engaging and targeting all aspects of your back musculature, particularly your trapezius.

For more information on the TRX check this post out before reading further.

My favorite part of this exercise is the Y. If you don’t have time or energy to do this entire exercise, focus on the Y if you can do nothing else. Your mid and upper trapezius are engaged quite a bit throughout a normal daily basis in that seated/hunched over a computer position. Y’s are a great way to counterbalance this and get the lower trapezius working again.

By engaging the lower trapezius, you will see a repositioning of your scapular (shoulder blade) position, bringing them back and down. In turn this will help open your chest up, broaden your shoulders and regain that perfect posture you’ve been lacking. For overhead athletes it will help protect your shoulder. It will keep your shoulder in a better position so you can hit or throw with a decreased risk of injury.

Exercise Technique Key Points

  • Body should remain straight and stiff.
  • Arms are straight and engaged.
  • Lower slow!
  • Weight should be on heels and depth of stance determines exercise difficulty (i.e. the deeper and thus steep you stand the harder the exercise will be).
  • When pulling into Y, T, A positions body should remain rigid, focusing movement purely in shoulder region, as in the above video.

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