Fighting Off Illness for Improved Results

A man mid sneeze

It’s that time of year again. The flu has definitely been hitting the Valley pretty hard this season. Everyone seems to be getting sick. After all, getting sick is a normal part of life, right? Remember it’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen, it’s a matter of when. But, how often do you hear about professional athletes getting sick? Think about it… Pro athletes are continuously interviewed and on screen, pre- and post-games. We may see they are “under the weather” by the way they look or sound, but is that typically the center of conversation in their interview? Simply put, no. Even if it does come up being sick is really never their “excuse” for bad performance.

So, the question isn’t really about getting sick, it’s about what you can do to make the if as far off as possible. Avoiding sickness will not only improve your performance capabilities, but will help to prevent unwanted musculoskeletal injuries as well. Below are some key tips to keep in mind when staving off illness in the future:


Remember how your mom or dad always made you chicken noodle soup and your doctor said to drink plenty of fluids when you were sick. Great thing is, this isn’t just for when you are sick, but all the time. Staying hydrated is crucial for health, even Harvard says so.


Your body knows. If you’re feeling tired, it’s because you’re tired. When this happens turn off the TV and hit the hay. Don’t try to combat the fatigue with caffeine as caffeine loves to dehydrate you even more leading you in a downward spiral.


At FITLIFE we love exercise, but we understand that human performance, just like the performance of a car, is only as good as its fuel. We believe that nutrition is key. That’s why our first point was on hydration (a part of nutrition) and our last point here is on nutrition. Eating healthy shouldn’t be a chore. In today’s age, there are countless options for healthy foods or alternatives. We believe these simple habits can help kick start a healthy lifestyle (see this post for more details):

  1. Eat Less, Eat Often & Eat Variety
  2. Moderation
  3. Chew Your Food Completely Before Swallowing
  4. Turn Off Your Screens
  5. Follow the 90/10 Principle

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