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Welcome to another Friday afternoon of being out and about with people that are friends and supporters of FITLIFE Health Systems. Today I don’t have to go far to find physical therapist, Matt Hubble.  As you can see he’s right next door!


Matt and I met in 2000 when he became a partner of John Wanca and Sheila Northcutt both managing partners of Metro Physical Therapy.  We were in the 3rd year of our business at the time and John Wanca approached me and my business partner Dan Wright about co-leasing space and working closely together. It was an idea we thought would work for all of us in many ways, given the fact it’s 17 years later, I would say it was successful! Eventually Matt bought out his 2 partners, left Metro PT and joined Mike Basten and Rich Boeckmann of Foothills Physical Therapy.

Matt has excellent training and years of experience that richly serve his staff, our staff and his patients.  His undergraduate degree is a Bachelor’s of Science in pre-physical therapy from Washington State University. He is fired up this fall as his Cougars are ranked 8th in the country and have a big game tonight against Cal. Lucky for him they don’t have to play my Hoosiers this season! Anyway, the pursuit of his educational endeavors led him to the windy city where Matt earned a Bachelors in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University. Janet and I love Chicago – Go Cubs!  He finished his education at the University of Utah and the Ola Grimsby Institute with his Masters of Orthopedic Manual Therapy.  As his patients will tell you he truly has great hands and his results are outstanding.       

Our relationship over the years has continued to flourish as we work autonomously while sharing space, equipment, patients, laughs and jokes. A mutual respect of the others business, profession, knowledge and staff have led to a great relationship. We use each other to bounce ideas and when needed share referrals. Many of his patients have come over to FITLIFE following their release from physical therapy to continue professionally guided exercise by signing up for our Functional Training program.  Our members also use his physical therapy services allowing us a seamless approach to fitness, sports conditioning and rehabilitation.     

A big thank you to Matt and his staff who are our good friends and supporters. We look forward too many years ahead.  And to all of you who think Matt is my older brother, we aren’t related… do you see a resemblance?

Have an awesome Friday!

John Neel AT

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