FITLIFE at Horizon, Desert Mountain and Xavier


This week is a group effort from the staff at Fitlife Health Systems.  I decided to introduce 3 young ladies who have had outstanding volleyball careers at their respective schools and have spent many hours at FITLIFE preparing and repairing their bodies.  These 3 seniors are from left to right, Kat Yung – Horizon High School, Lily Leistiko – Desert Mountain High School and Laine Wagner – Xavier College Preparatory.

Kat Yung is a leader on the court this year playing Libero for the Huskies.  She has been coming to  FITLIFE  since her Freshman year using both our PASSS and Athletic Training programs.  PASSS, as many of you know, is our program to enhance athletic performance and athletic training for the treatment of any injuries.  Her position requires quickness, power, balance and endurance which if you see her play she surely possesses. Diving for balls like Superwomen has led to a few bumps and bruises! Kat started with us on Saturdays with the Horizon team training and has continued on her own during the club season and summer off-season. As a Libero you get banged up from diving so she has come in to see us for treatment as well. Kat shows continuous hard work with a smile on her face and we will really miss her. Kat committed to playing for Emory Riddle next year!  Congratulations and good luck.  I was at Senior Night, but failed to get a picture with her as I had to run home and watch the end of the Cubs only win against the Dodgers.  Sorry Kat.

Lily Leistiko is the captain and Middle Blocker this year for the Wolves. She has been coming to FITLIFE since she was an incoming freshman the summer of 2014. Lily has also participated in team training, PASSS and athletic training working towards her optimal athletic ability. Lily is very passionate on and off the court. She always commits 110% to every aspect of her life. We greatly appreciate her willingness and drive to do what it takes to get to the next level. Through set backs she has always persevered. Lily is currently working with recruiters and narrowing down her choices for where she will play next year. Wherever she ends up we know she will excel! Congratulations on your awesome performance during senior night & we are excited to see what is in store for your future!

Lanie Wagner, also a team captain, is a dominate force up front as she plays Outside Hitter for the Gators. She, like Kat and Lily, has also benefited from our PASSS and athletic training programs.  Lanie was referred to FITLIFE by her physician, Dr. Angelo Mattalino to continue her strengthening and rehabilitation following an injury. She greatly values taking care of her body while working hard to improve her functional, neurological and volleyball specific strength training program. Her commitment to FITLIFE is evident as she lives in Tempe and has a 30 minute commute! She is one of the hardest working athletes we have and we look forward to seeing her play at the next level. As a top player in the State of Arizona she has many Division I scholarship offers. We look forward to her decision and watching her play in the future. Good Luck Lanie!

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