FITLIFE visits with long time client, Joanne Young

Today I spent some time with a truly remarkable woman, FITLIFE client Joanne Young.  Joanne walked into our first office on 85th Way and Royal Palm on April 4th, 1998 and has been a staple here ever since! What? That’s an incredible commitment for anyone and believe me her attitude, energy and enthusiasm are contagious and inspire both staff and clients alike.  Helping her stay in amazing shape over the years has been incredibly rewarding for myself and my staff. 

Joanne was referred to FITLIFE by her primary care physician for a few reasons including bone density and loss of energy.  She was evaluated by my past business partner, Dan Wright and placed in our LifeStyle Management program.  She fits right in with our new business and has been coming in at or around 9:00 am three times a week ever since, unless she is spending a month of the summer with her daughter in Vail, Colorado or traveling the world.

Over the years Joanne has introduced us to many of her family members by bringing them in for a workout.  Her oldest daughter, Gretchen, lives in Evergreeen and when she is in town will drop in and try to keep up with her mom.   Her younger daughter Stephanie lives here in Scottsdale and trained with us for years.  Today Stephanie goes to the gym at 5:00am faithfully – wonder where she gets the drive?  Granddaughter Katie and grandsons Kyle and Hunter also have spent a considerable amount of time with us.

If you were to try to guess Joanne’s age there is a 99% chance you would guess wrong. This incredible woman is in her 80’s and can still jump from side to side, balance on a Bosu ball, hold a wall sit as well as hold a 50 second plank… even though we know she could push through it to a minute we cut her some slack.  Although some days are tougher than others, Joanne continues to get up, drink her morning coffee and drive on over to FITLIFE and get in a workout. Year after year she is our poster child and we love to show her off to new clients as an inspiration to all.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting another FITLIFE member.  Joanne is truly family to all of us and a very dear friend. If you need a little motivation in your life come by FITLIFE on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday around 9:30am and watch her – she’s amazing!

Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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