I first met Steve in October of 2015 when he came to see us due to a chronic lower extremity injury due to competitive cycling.  Steve found out about our business when his daughter began training with us in our PASSS program for Athletic Enhancement.  In fact, his entire family has been through our doors at one time or another utilizing all of the programs we have to offer; Athletic Enhancement, LifeStyle Management, Functional Training and Athletic Training.  Steve started here working on his flexibility and lower body alignment to minimize the discomfort he was experiencing when riding. He has continued on with us since working on strength, endurance and flexibility.

Steve is a pathologist and visiting him at work was extremely interesting.  His team is highly trained and each person has a skill that is critical for the health and well being of the patient. The technology and equipment that is used is top notch. It was amazing to learn that during a patients surgery the surgeon will send tissue samples to Steve and his team for evaluations and determination of what the surgery may entail.  Pathologists diagnose and characterize diseases. They analyze biopsied tissue or bodily fluids, and interpret medical tests, including tests done by other specialists like dermatologists and cardiologists. Most cancer diagnoses are done by pathologists.

His Educational Background includes attending the University of Missouri at Kansas City for undergraduate, medical school and a Fellowship in Selective Pathology.  Steve also spent time in Houston attending the  University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center for Residency in Anatomical and Clinical Pathology as well as a Fellowship in Cytopathology.

Steve has many interests and hobbies outside of work including cooking, raising his 2 dogs, cycling,  working out at FITLIFE and maintaining in his cactus garden. I’m not sure where he finds the time and energy but he spends 2 to 4 evenings a week with us in the gym, walking in with a smile on his face and a kind word. He works extremely hard, banters with the staff and cheers on the other clients. We are grateful to have Steve and his family as part of the FITLIFE family.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting another one of our clients. Have a safe and healthy weekend!

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