FITLIFE Visits With The Amazing Edna Thomas



Today I spent some time with a very special person and former FITLIFE client – Edna Thomas. In December of 2000, Edna Thomas walked in to FITLIFE for her initial evaluation.  She was referred by her Internal Medicine physician for our LifeStyle Management program to include flexibility, strength and general conditioning. As I reviewed her intake paperwork I couldn’t help but notice that she was born in 1916.  Wow! She was 83 years old, looked amazing and acted 20 years younger.

As I went further into her info I also realized that she listed none under current medication. Thinking this was a mistake I asked her about it and she reiterated that she wasn’t on any medications. Unbelievable! I asked her what the secret to her longevity and health was and she replied something along the lines of, “live a clean life, enjoy every day and treat people nice”.  For those of us who spent time with Edna we can assure you she has lived by those thoughts.

Edna was a regular client at FITLIFE up until October of 2015, 2 months and 1 year shy of her 100th birthday! During her 15 years of training with us she inspired many and made friends with everyone. Always up for a good time she would dance with Anton Mackey, hold hands with Craig Alderson or zing me with her quick wit. She made everyone aware of how her attitude and action were contagious and our clients continually asked, “how old is Edna’?

In the photo’s above you can tell what a fun loving person she is.  In the first, Edna displays a stylish pair of leggings, a gift from one of our clients who Edna always complimented when she wore similar yoga pants. The next 2 pictures were taken when Edna helped me pull a practical joke.  One day, during a training session with the Horizon High School baseball team, I became frustrated with their lack of effort during box jumps, a plyometric exercise. I told them that I have a 95 year old female client at my office that jumps better than they do.  They didn’t believe me so the next day Edna was up for pulling off the prank.  Finally, yesterday during my visit with her I asked if we could take a selfie – she replied, absolutely!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting a very special person that has been apart FITLIFE for many years.  Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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