FITLIFE Visits With Yoga Instructor Anton Mackey!

Today it’s a beautiful 75 degree day in centerfield where Anton Mackey is leading  a yoga class of 65 players from the Horizon High School Baseball team.  This is the 6th straight year that he has been instructing a 1 hour Vinyasa class for the program in the month of January, and it’s seriously the highlight of their off season training! It’s amazing to watch him teach, he connects with his audience no matter the number of students or location. 

Anton walked into FITLIFE fresh out of ASU just graduating from the school of Exercise Science in the summer of 2002.  His name came up multiple times as my former business partner, Dan Wright, and I made phone calls looking for a strength and conditioning specialist. Dan had just accepted a job as the Assistant Athletic Trainer with the Milwaukee Brewers Professional Baseball Organization and we needed help immediately.  Lucky for us Anton, a long with another Exercise Physiologist ,Scott Ruth started at FITLIFE and bridged the gap for us as we were growing our small business.

Anton’s career took off like a shot and we all enjoyed working with him and watching him grow. He became a Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and used his knowledge and passion to push our Athletic Enhancement Program to become one of the best in the Valley.  The athletes couldn’t wait to get to FITLIFE to work out with Anton as he was their strength coach, confidant and friend.  He worked countless hours and was consumed by his passion for the profession.

In 2008 Anton started taking Yoga classes as a way to relieve stress and expand his knowledge and personal growth. True to his nature he jumped all in with passion and 100 percent effort. As his practice started to develop he became interested in teaching and through a Scottsdale based AT, One Yoga, he was certified. He slowly phased out of FITLIFE to pursue his true passion and now is one of the most followed Yoga Instructors in the Southwest. Even though Anton is no longer with us on a daily basis he will always be part of the FITLIFE family.

I can truly say their are individuals that have a huge impact on you as a person and a professional and Anton is one of those people. If you have the chance to to attend one of his yoga classes I highly recommend it!  You can learn more about Anton and his practice at antonyoga.

I hope you enjoyed meeting another special person in the FITLIFE family. Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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