How to Know Your Movement Deficits

Woman growling running

I’d say it’s safe to say that movement is pretty important to human beings. It allows us to get up a going throughout our day. To talk. To eat. Have great adventures, try new things, and interact with those around us. To live. Much of our movement as humans are so unique and are key components of what separates us from all other living things. But, what happens as we start to lose our movement capabilities? We stiffness up or begin to develop compensatory movement patterns. It’s simple the less you move more movement you lose. This can lead to a variety of things including injury and illness. (Check out this post for more specific information on why movement and technique is so important.)

What are your movement deficits? Have you ever really asked yourself that question? Probably not, but it’s important. Understanding your deficits is the gateway for unlocking new movement opportunities and potential. Can you bend forward? Can you extend your torso back? Can you roll over? Can you breathe? Hopefully, you said yes to all of these things. But can you really touch your toes or breath diaphragmatically? I came across this awesome post from our staff athletic trainer Bart about Finding Your Movment Deficits. Check it out for some great quick self-assessment tips to get your body moving again.

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