For the past 19+ years FITLIFE has been a clinical site for interns. Currently, we are a site for both A.T. Still University’s post-professional Master of Athletic Training program and Arizona State University’s Exercise & Wellness program. We regularly have an internship position available so please contact us if you are interested.


This summer we have the pleasure of hosting Cameron Neel, a student from East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas. Cameron is majoring in Sports Management and he is doing this internship to learn the business of a sports training facility and how a sports facility runs. He would like to possibly get his CSCS or get his MBA after undergrad. He has also thought about going into the sports analytics field as well.

Cameron is also currently on the East Texas Baptist University baseball team, going into his senior season. He has learned from his three years of playing collegiate athletes on different fitness techniques, nutrition, and strength and conditioning. He will bring many different techniques in strength and training to help clients at FITLIFE.

“I am very excited for this opportunity to do this internship here at FITLIFE this summer. I am looking forward to understanding how a sports training facility is ran and also guiding people on improving their fitness.” – Cameron Neel