On Tuesdays from 6pm to 8 pm I have the opportunity to work with young baseball players from the Swarm Baseball Club.  Long time Horizon High School Baseball Assistant Coach Bob Strachan was nice enough to introduce Swarm Baseball Club

founder John Casale and his volunteer coaches to me this summer.  When we met we talked about the importance of proper training, arm care for young players, education and positive reinforcement. Proper training and arm care are essential for every throwing athlete and should be taken seriously starting at a young age. The staff at FITLIFE provides this and more including professional assistance for injury prevention, evaluation and team training sessions.  After our initial meeting, it didn’t take me long to recognize that this was exactly the kind of youth baseball program that FITLIFE desires to work with and can positively impact with our services as both Athletic Trainers and Sports Conditioning Specialists.

I was also exited to work with Swarm baseball when John, the club director and former baseball player himself explained to me that he wants his players to have a great experience playing baseball. To him, winning is important but teaching and development of players skills are their goals.

On Tuesday evenings at Cactus Park I meet with the players who range in age from 10 to 14 years old. They are separated by age with the younger ones, the 10 -12 years old, going first and then the 13-14 years old after. Each group works with me for an hour and boy do they have energy! My goal with these young baseball players is to teach them proper running form, introduce them to functional flexibility, challenge their balance, enhance their agility and build strength. They work very hard and compete with each other every chance they get. I look forward to this new found relationship and am excited to see the progress these athletes and coaches will make in the coming year!

Hopefully you have enjoyed learning about Swarm Baseball. Have a safe and healthy weekend!

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