This is the most popular program and designed to give you a personalized approach to health and wellness. LifeStyle Management & Functional Training Program is aimed towards clients wanting to improve the function of their body in everyday life as well as those wanting to take a proactive approach to a healthy life. This program addresses the clients’ needs whether you are seeking improvement in activities of daily living, sport, work, or recreation.  Orthopedic patients who are pre- or post-surgery will also greatly benefit with this type of training as our staff works closely with your physical therapist and physician to continue your rehabilitation.  

New to the active lifestyle? That’s okay! This program features resistance exercise, stretching, and other conditioning methods that I will walk you through step by step. All new clients will undergo an initial evaluation so I am able to objectively assess your current physical status. This will allow you and I to determine your abilities and help quantify your achievements as we collectively work towards your fitness goals. Let’s get started today!

I understand that each person often brings a unique history full of strengths, weaknesses and functional capacities that should be addressed in an individualized manner. I strive to take a holistic approach to help you reach your goals whether they are related to fitness, the job place, hobbies and much more! When you become a client of FITLIFE you will work directly with and under the supervision of an Athletic Trainer. With over 35 years of experience in exercise and rehabilitation, I will guide you safely to your goals! I look forward to meeting you!

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