Today’s fitness enthusiast are fortunate to have technology that help them track their progress and provide motivation to work harder and hopefully smarter. Here at FITLIFE, many of our clients use technology to help them do exactly that and we support the use of these devices and recommend them frequently. 

Fitness starts with commitment, planning, hard work and knowledge.  On a daily basis our clients are using their smart phones, watches and tablets to keep track of their energy expenditure, exercise heart rate and nutrition habits.  Why do they use them and how accurate are these devices is the question.

Let’s start with determining what are the energy demands of your body and why that is important.  Most of you are familiar with the term metabolism. If your not quite sure what that means then here is the definition, “all chemical reactions that take place to maintain a living organism”.  The term “Resting Metabolic Rate” or BMR is used often in the exercise science industry to help individuals understand what the energy demands of their bodies are at rest.  This base line is important to know when someone wants to make changes to their body.  Basically, gaining or losing weight becomes a mathematic equation and our watches, tablets and phones can help!

First determine your BMR using this calculator – BRM Calculator.  This number is how many calories your body needs at rest to function properly.  FYI – be aware that these are estimations not exact numbers. Now that you have this number you can use apps to track food intake and exercise sessions thus helping you reach your fitness goals. Most fitness goals are related to body weight and resting heart rate. The app that I most frequently recommend is called,  Lose it – Calorie Counter and when searching for it look for the orange scale.

What’s great about this app is that it’s easy to use and it guides you on your way to reaching goals by tracking your energy in using a food log and your energy expenditure through exercise sessions. It’s all done on your Smart Phone, which most of us posses 24-7.  The other app that is very popular is called My Fitness Pal and it does the same but offers more options in tracking of both food and exercise sessions.

The more popular Smart watches include the Apple Watch and Fitbit. These are both used to track your exercise heart rate and calories burned during exercise sessions. They are both great motivational tools. Using heart rate recordings during your workout can help you keep your workouts at the correct intensity and estimations of calories burned gives you immediate feedback on your hard work.  Just remember these numbers, like the BMR calculator are only estimates and vary on their accuracy. Use the information to help motivate you!

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on using technology in the gym and if you haven’t tried either the Lose-it or My Fitness Pal app I strongly recommend it.

Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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