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We are excited to announce the launch of a new category to our blog: Out & About with John Neel. Content will be posting regularly on Fridays. Check out his background and what this blog is about in today’s post:

John Neel FITLIFE Owner and athletic trainer

After graduating in 1985 from Indiana University with a degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Athletic Training, I relocated to Phoenix to begin a career in the field of athletic training.  Quickly I learned that the rapidly growing field of sports medicine offered many exciting opportunities if you were willing to work hard, listen to the advice of others and connect with people both professionally and personally.   I have worked hard at fostering relationships with physicians, physical therapist, coaches, athletes, their parents, as well as other athletic trainers.  I hope you enjoy meeting the people that I interact with who are making a positive impact to the Valley of the Sun and are instrumental in the success of FITLIFE Health Systems.

I also just want to thank my family who have supported me over these past 20 years and shared in growing the FITLIFE family.  To Janet, Ryan and Sami – I couldn’t have done it without you!

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