Staying Fit Through the Holidays

As always, the holidays are a busy time of year where many people stop having time to exercise. Luckily here are several simple ways to add fitness to what you’ve already planned for the day.

Santa Claus Christmas Workout

Avoid Sitting for Long Periods

Now, you might be saying I never have time to sit and honestly that’s great. But, for those of us hanging out at grandma’s house on the couch, this is for us. Just standing up will burn about 50 more calories an hour. This doesn’t sound like much, but when it’s the holidays and you’re eating a few more cookies than normal, 50 extra calories an hour will be beneficial to your figure.


Christmas shopping is a great time to get in some exercise. Strap on your tennis shoes and hit the mall. Walking quickly from store to store (especially with added the added weight of gifts) is a great way to get some cardio this time of year.


Something that many people will be doing this holiday season. However, most people don’t realize how many calories cleaning your house burns. Carrying groceries in from the car will burn about 110 calories in 15 min. Mopping the floor or vacuuming will burn about 45 calories in 15 min. Fifteen minutes of vigorous household cleaning will burn about 50 calories. As you can see simple tasks add up. The more vigorous and quicker you move from one chore to another the more calories you will burn.

Improvised Workouts

If you are having a hard time skipping the gym, that’s awesome. Understandably though, you might not have as much time as usual. Interval training or high intensity training comes in really handy in these cases. You can just jump on a cardio machine and alternate 30-45 second intervals of slow and fast for 10-15 minutes. Or, if you’re strength training, super setting your exercises can help you move faster throughout your workout.

There are also a ton of simple activities you can do while on the road visiting family or at home trimming your tree. All of these exercises can be done with bodyweight or grab your little niece or nephew and toss them on your back for some added weight. Don’t take any breaks through the set and it should only take you about 5 min to complete. Try to do this once or twice a day, everyday.

  • Calf Raises – 2 x 35
  • Push Ups – 2 x 15
  • Body Weight Squats – 2 x 25
  • Russian Twists – 2 x 50
  • Side Lunges – 2 x 30
  • Scapular Squeezes – 2 x 30

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