Fitlife Visits with Future Winthrop College Volleyball player Lily Leistiko
Lily Leistiko and John Neel

Today I visited with volleyball player Lily Leistiko, who has been training with us the past four years. Lily is recent Desert Mountain High School graduate who’s successful high school career included both academic and athletic accomplishments. Continue reading “FITLIFE VISITS WITH LILY LEISTIKO, FUTURE WINTHROP UNIVERSITY VOLLEYBALL PLAYER!”

FITLIFE spends some time with High School Volleyball player Nicole Shuhandler


Today I sat down with one of our outstanding high school student athletes, Notre Dame Prep senior volleyball player, Nicole Shuhandler.  Having my job is great because of the people I get to meet and work with every day.  I really enjoy being around athletes of all ages but the high school ones are special as I get to impact their success and help them with any set backs. This one has more success to come! Continue reading “FITLIFE spends some time with High School Volleyball player Nicole Shuhandler”

FITLIFE Visits With Yoga Instructor Anton Mackey!

Today it’s a beautiful 75 degree day in centerfield where Anton Mackey is leading  a yoga class of 65 players from the Horizon High School Baseball team.  This is the 6th straight year that he has been instructing a 1 hour Vinyasa class for the program in the month of January, and it’s seriously the highlight of their off season training! It’s amazing to watch him teach, he connects with his audience no matter the number of students or location.  Continue reading “FITLIFE Visits With Yoga Instructor Anton Mackey!”

FITLIFE Visits With Orthopedic Surgeon, Angelo Mattalino


Today, a long time friend and associate dropped by for a few minutes to catch up. Dr. Angelo Mattalino, Othopedic surgeon and pivotal person in the beginning of FITLIFE Health Systems, Inc. Angelo was my team physician at Horizon High School in 1996 and friend of my past business partner, Dan Wright AT. They knew each other through professional baseball connections. Separately, we both confided in Dr. Mattalino our desire to advance professionally and he is responsible for introducing the two of us.  Dan and I both told him that we had similar thoughts about  beginning Continue reading “FITLIFE Visits With Orthopedic Surgeon, Angelo Mattalino”

FITLIFE at Horizon, Desert Mountain and Xavier


This week is a group effort from the staff at Fitlife Health Systems.  I decided to introduce 3 young ladies who have had outstanding volleyball careers at their respective schools and have spent many hours at FITLIFE preparing and repairing their bodies.  These 3 seniors are from left to right, Kat Yung – Horizon High School, Lily Leistiko – Desert Mountain High School and Laine Wagner – Xavier College Preparatory.

Continue reading “FITLIFE at Horizon, Desert Mountain and Xavier”