FITLIFE at Schwartz Laser Eye Clinic with Dr. Marc Bloomenstein

Today I am visiting with a a very good friend and FITLIFE Health Systems client, Dr. Marc Bloomenstein, at his office in Scottsdale. Marc is an avid fitness enthusiast who was referred to FITLIFE 3 years ago by our next door neighbors, Foothills Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. Marc began his journey with us in our Functinal Training Program continuing his rehabilitation exercises to return to his fitness activities including hiking, jogging and resistance training. Because of his commitment to fitness, he recovered from his injury, and now continues to use our LifeStyle Management program to improve his overall fitness level. Another busy client with a demanding schedule Marc makes time for himself 3 times a week!

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FITLIFE at Horizon High School with Head Athletic Trainer Nick Stein, AT



This afternoon finds me at Horizon High Schools Athletic Training room , one of my old stomping grounds, with a good friend, Nick Stein.  I spent 5 great years as the Athletic Trainer at Horizon before starting FITLIFE. Nick is the Head Athletic Trainer at his alma matter and a busy guy. He is responsible for the well being of over 400 student athletes.  With the end of the football season he has a little more breathing room although basketball, soccer and wrestling are just getting started. Nick is always on the run, but was kind enough to catch up for a few minutes.  Continue reading “FITLIFE at Horizon High School with Head Athletic Trainer Nick Stein, AT”

Balloon Breathing

Last week we explored the differences between diaphragmatic and apical breathing. At the end, I talked about a simple way to determine which type of breather you are. Today we’re going to take it a step further. Regardless of which type of breather you found yourself to be, these 7 steps are a quick and great way to easily get your diaphragm either working again or working better.

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Are You Breathing Correctly?

Over the past several years, breathing has gained a lot of focus in the rehabilitation and health & wellness industries. How do you breathe? Shallow? Quick? Deep? Slow? There are a myriad of ways people breathe and, as such, multiple breathing patterns and names exist for each type. Today we’re going to highlight probably the two most common breathing patterns, how they differ, and how to quickly find out which type you’re doing.

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FITLIFE at Horizon, Desert Mountain and Xavier


This week is a group effort from the staff at Fitlife Health Systems.  I decided to introduce 3 young ladies who have had outstanding volleyball careers at their respective schools and have spent many hours at FITLIFE preparing and repairing their bodies.  These 3 seniors are from left to right, Kat Yung – Horizon High School, Lily Leistiko – Desert Mountain High School and Laine Wagner – Xavier College Preparatory.

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