Fitlife visits with long time client Alec Souder.

John Neel with Alec Souder

Today a very special client came in for a workout and as always worked hard, smiled and talked sports. Alec Souder has been coming into Fitlife for the last 5 years and has won the affection of staff and members alike. His parent, Anne and Jay, along with his grandfather Dick are all members here and have been some Fitlife Health Systems biggest supporters.  We are going to return the favor by getting involved with the Fragile X Foundation. Continue reading “Fitlife visits with long time client Alec Souder.”

FITLIFE visits with long time client, Joanne Young

Today I spent some time with a truly remarkable woman, FITLIFE client Joanne Young.  Joanne walked into our first office on 85th Way and Royal Palm on April 4th, 1998 and has been a staple here ever since! What? That’s an incredible commitment for anyone and believe me her attitude, energy and enthusiasm are contagious and inspire both staff and clients alike.  Helping her stay in amazing shape over the years has been incredibly rewarding for myself and my staff.  Continue reading “FITLIFE visits with long time client, Joanne Young”

Fighting Off Illness for Improved Results

A man mid sneeze

It’s that time of year again. The flu has definitely been hitting the Valley pretty hard this season. Everyone seems to be getting sick. After all, getting sick is a normal part of life, right? Remember it’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen, it’s a matter of when. But, how often do you hear about professional athletes getting sick? Think about it… Pro athletes are continuously interviewed and on screen, pre- and post-games. We may see they are “under the weather” by the way they look or sound, but is that typically the center of conversation in their interview? Simply put, Continue reading “Fighting Off Illness for Improved Results”

FITLIFE Visits With The Amazing Edna Thomas



Today I spent some time with a very special person and former FITLIFE client – Edna Thomas. In December of 2000, Edna Thomas walked in to FITLIFE for her initial evaluation.  She was referred by her Internal Medicine physician for our LifeStyle Management program to include flexibility, strength and general conditioning. As I reviewed her intake paperwork I couldn’t help but notice that she was born in 1916.  Wow! She was 83 years old, looked amazing and acted 20 years younger. Continue reading “FITLIFE Visits With The Amazing Edna Thomas”

The Dreaded New Year’s Resolutions

New Years 2018 Sparkler

It’s that time of year again. Have you already made one? How do you make the most of those New Year resolutions? Do you just skip the whole process or do you make grand plans that last a few weeks or maybe a few months before fizzling out? The time to make New Year’s resolutions that you have the fullest intention of keeping all year long, but always seem to end sooner than expected. If we’re being honest it’s much easier to wish about improving yourself than to actually follow through and do it. Today we’re going to explore some ways to combat the two most common resolution fails.

Continue reading “The Dreaded New Year’s Resolutions”

FITLIFE with Rich Stark, Owner Of The Phoenix Ale Central Kitchen


Today I spent some time with good friend and FITLIFE member Rich Stark in our gym and at his Gastropub in central Phoenix.  Rich came to FITLIFE back in December of 2007, courtesy of our next door neighbors, Foothills Physical Therapy.  Like many active people who complete physical therapy, Rich wanted to continue his prescription exercise  Continue reading “FITLIFE with Rich Stark, Owner Of The Phoenix Ale Central Kitchen”