eat the gains: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins

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WELLNESS WEDNESDAY – TIS THE SEASON! It is Fall y’all! Even in the valley of the sun we can all agree this summer is behind us! Check out this delicious recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip protein muffins!! YES they are low carb, YES they are gluten free & YES they are LESS then 120 calories…. c’mon who wouldn’t want to start their day with this great snack… Continue reading “eat the gains: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins”


John Neel FITLIFE Owner and athletic trainer
FITLIFE Owner for over 20 years

During my 20 years of directing FITLIFE, I have continually thought about ways to improve our services and facilities and more recently how to help our members achieve our vision for each of them to “Live. All In.”  When thinking of that phrase, it begs the question, are we providing our members the training, motivation, information and guidance that they need to succeed in their ability to fulfill this motto.  Each person’s individual plan varies but the cornerstones remain the same.  From my perspective, our staff has the educational background, interest, commitment and the personal drive to guide our members toward this objective. I hope you all feel the same way and if you  Continue reading “FITLIFE OWNER JOHN NEEL SHARES HIS THOUGHTS ON LIVE. ALL IN.”