The Dreaded New Year’s Resolutions

New Years 2018 Sparkler

It’s that time of year again. Have you already made one? How do you make the most of those New Year resolutions? Do you just skip the whole process or do you make grand plans that last a few weeks or maybe a few months before fizzling out? The time to make New Year’s resolutions that you have the fullest intention of keeping all year long, but always seem to end sooner than expected. If we’re being honest it’s much easier to wish about improving yourself than to actually follow through and do it. Today we’re going to explore some ways to combat the two most common resolution fails.

Diet and Exercise

Have you ever made a resolution about one of those things? How many times? Did it work out or not? Why do you think you failed? Diet and exercise are probably the largest areas of improvement many individuals attempt to make resolutions about every year. The problem is that most people will go from one extreme to another. Think about it.

Thanksgiving was only a little more than a month ago, the largest meal you’ve probably eaten all year. Then it was just Christmas, there’s been large meals, extra sweets and the family eggnog. Plus you may have knocked a few back with your friends last night. Now you want to get back on track, lose the weight plus some. This is a sure fire way of setting your well intentioned resolution up for failure.

Your body has already adjusted to eating more sugar and larger meals. So, it needs time to readjust. Small changes can equal large returns.


Start simple. Instead of going from never exercising to exercising every day, start by just getting up off the couch and going for a walk. If you’ve been successful at already making it to the gym great. Don’t go every day though. Most first time gym goers don’t make it past the first week. The soreness can be fairly overwhelming for newbies when first starting out. If you’re trying to go it alone more power to you, but realize soreness is the serial killer of New Year’s resolutions. If you’re wanting to be successful, either take time to seriously mentally prepared for the physical fatigue ahead or grab a partner to keep you motivated through it all.

Exercise can also take many forms. There are so many different options for exercise that don’t always have to center around going to the gym. The point is exercise whenever you can, wherever you can and however you can. Just get moving little by little on a consistent basis.


If improving your diet is your resolution, what’s the one change you feel you could easily do right now without really thinking about it or trying? Do it. That is the perfect starting place. It may be something as simple as committing to using a smaller plate for every meal or counting to 3 every time you take a bite before swallowing. It doesn’t matter what it is at this point, just that it will take pretty much no effort on your part to complete. You probably have already thought of something you could do that would be your starting point. If you’re still struggling check out our Basic Nutrition Guidelines post for some inspiration.

Notice any similarities between these two topics? Small changes lead to big results. It is important for people to feel successful in what they do. Set yourself up to have a quick and simple win. It’s a great way to stay motivated this New Year. Looking back, a few simple changes will have a big impact on you achieving the normally lofty New Year’s resolution.

One last tip…plan for things to change or go wrong. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. Things will change, things will go wrong. So, take the time to prepare yourself for this and you will persevere.

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