Catching up with Craig Alderson
Craig Alderson and John Neel

Today while playing golf in the Arizona sun I had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend, Craig Alderson. I met Craig in 2009 when he became an intern with us that allowed him to complete his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University.  Craig was an instant hit with both clients and staff.  As you can tell by the photo Craig is a very tall individual and can be a little intimidating when you meet him for the first time. It doesn’t take long to realize that he is extremely kind and caring. Craig helped many of our clients succeed in their desires to get in shape or become better athletes. His background as an athlete and interest in the field of exercise science and nutrition were valuable to all of our clients. Craig really connected with our members and this allowed him to positively impact everyone.

After his internship finished, Craig went to work as a personal trainer at a local health club. He quickly decided that he was better suited in our type of setting so he brought his clients over to FITLIFE and became part of our staff.  Craig established himself as our Director of Athletic Enhancement taking over for Anton Mackey. He guided our team training efforts for Horizon Volleyball as well as Revolution Volleyball earning the trust of both coaches and athletes. These program results were fantastic with Craig guiding them.

While working at FITLIFE Craig met a client by the name of Tim Markinson. Tim is an avid baseball player, patent attorney and exercise enthusiast that was involved with a number of individuals in the baseball world. He was working on starting a company that sold a new type of baseball shoe as well as pitching mounds and was seeking help in his sales department. Craig was a natural fit for what Tim was looking for and after a year or so of working together on a part time basis he offered Craig a full time position with his company, Athalonz Sports & Technology.  This was an opportunity that Craig couldn’t pass up and he has been their lead salesman ever since.  Athalonz recently launched a new high performance golf cleat that is receiving high acclaim by many professional golfers. Take a second and check out their website – impressive stuff!

All of us miss having Craig around FITLIFE but we’re happy to see him advance professionally and wish him much success in the future!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting a former employee and big part of our FITLIFE family. Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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